As per the Government’s Insolvency Service,the business insolvency total hit more than 4,000 in the first quarter as Brexit issues and the problems with the high street hit. The areas hit the hardest were in the retail trade and the vehicle repair industry.

Insolvency experts have said uncertainty over Brexit had placed firms under intense pressure as they had to stockpile more parts and goods. One expert,Stuart Frith,the president of the insolvency and restructuring trade body R3,said firms had “exhausted their standard toolkit for coping with reduced demand”. He added: “Further discounting won’t cut it,or is impossible,and a restructuring is the only option”

Rising staffing costs,business rates and Brexit had taken their toll on smaller firms as uncertainty is a critical negative issue for small firms and the self-employed.

The level of administrations in the first quarter of the year also increased to 451,up 218% from the final quarter of 2018 – this being the highest recorded since the first quarter of 2014

Poor trading figures over the crucial Christmas shopping period did not help,low levels of consumer confidence being blamed here. There are around 481,000 British businesses in great distress and are exposed to a real risk of becoming insolvent.

One of the best ways that businesses can guard against insolvency is to make sure that their credit management and accounting systems are good enough to retain the required level of cash required.

Is your business threatened by insolvency?

One way to survive is to get a capital,but in these difficult times it can be hard to find a lender,which can mean dealing with difficult bankers. But there is another way if you trade with other businesses and are often paid late. This little known source of capital within your business is just waiting to be activated and better still you could be entitled to significant compensation

Antony Batty does all the hardwork for you.

We recognise that most buinessess do not have the resources or knowledge to spend time on the identification and calculation of Late Payment Compensation. We can produce a report in a very short time period,most often only needing a few hours of our client’s time.

Clients do not have to handle any part of the recovery process as the Antony Batty team will carry out all the communications with the buinessess concerned.

We do all the work,you receive the money and if you have been paid late on a regular basis,you could be due big sums in late payment compensation.

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By John Sage Melbourne

Never ever accept any description by anyone for past results in the investment marketplace,specifically the majority of recent or short-term results. Newspapers,the radio and also other media usually ask the expert why did the marketplace today or last week adjustment this way or that. The expert responds by claiming that it was a reaction to this fact or the other point. If the expert actually knew,then they need to have taken immediate advantage of the marketplace before the adjustment in the marketplace took place.

A lot of these changes are because of random or uncertain reactions and also the explanations given by the experts are absolutely nothing more than rationalisations given with the advantage of knowledge.

It is challenging for the expert to instead admit,”well I actually have no idea what occurred today,it just appeared of heaven and also I mean something equal unanticipated is likely to happen tomorrow of which I additionally have no idea”. Nevertheless,this remains in the large bulk of circumstances the only honest response to market variations.

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Don’t act based on the hot pointer or market rumour

In regard to hot tips,most of the time they are just an illusion. Furthermore,in relation to market rumours,when the marketplace rumour highly shows the direction of the marketplace,this info is currently factored into the price in the marketplace.

The lower line is that hot tips are usually constructions,produced to bring in viewers and also develop drama and also involvement,however aren’t always based in fact. Very same chooses market rumours. They might have a pinch of truth to them,so it’s still beneficial exploring on your own. As is usually the case,doing your very own research is a clever policy.

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Debt management is an effective way to get out of debt. However,there are unforeseen circumstances that will require you to change tactics in the midst of a program. It can be in the form of a sudden financial crisis that renders you unable to meet the current demands of the debt relief program. Or it can be due to a wrong assumption on your financial analysis. You may have realized that you cannot meet the payments and service fees associated with debt management plans.

If you find yourself unable to keep up with your current program,you can change it. Most of the time,people shift from debt management to debt settlement. Here are some of the things that you should do when shifting plans.

First of all,you need to inform the debt counselor involved in your account. Discuss the sudden turn of events that led you to decide that you need to shift to debt settlement. Before you finalize the transfer,be open to any suggestions from the counselor. They may be able to help you negotiate with the creditor for an even lower monthly payment scheme. Creditors will definitely prefer that you pay off your balance completely instead of the reduced amount that debt settlement aims for. Not only that,it will serve you best to stick with this program since it has a less negative impact on your credit score. But if you find no solution,then they have to let you go.

Check if they also offer debt settlement programs. There are companies who offer a variety of debt relief programs to be able to cater to a wider market. If they do,you can stick with that company as they already have your records. The shift will be a lot easier and faster.

If they cannot offer you settlement services,the counselor’s next step will be to get in touch with your creditors. They have to let your creditors know that you have terminated your program with them and have sought other options to pay off debt. Before you severe ties with the debt management company,be sure you get the updated report so you know how far you have gone with your debt payments. This is something that you can show the debt settlement company that you will transfer to.

Shifting debt relief programs illustrate the importance of knowing your options. Do not stick to program just because you already started it. Be honest if you can no longer afford the payments required by the program you are in. Remember that there is no single debt relief formula. Not only that,there are unforeseen circumstances that can limit your finances even further. It can all change without warning. Just be cautious about your finances,practice proper management and be wise about how you spend. Make a budget and payment plan that will help you monitor and decide if your current program is still effective. If not,do not be afraid to change it.

If you’re struggling to pay off your debts,any offer that promises “guaranteed” debt relief may sound very appealing. Who wouldn’t need some help with his monthly payments?

However,can a debt relief program really lower your interest rates and reduce the amount of money you owe? If so,what’s the catch? It’s smart to ask these questions before enrolling in such a program.

Debt is a problem that you’ve probably spent years creating,so don’t go looking for a quick fix! A legitimate debt relief company will never falsely promise to resolve your debt in less than a year – a monthly payment plan should be offered instead. A realistic debt relief program should be designed – just for you and your specific situation.

According to the non-profit National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys,only one in ten debtors participating in these programs actually ends up debt-free in the promised period of time. Find a legitimate company that can deliver on its promises! And remember that a road to being debt-free is rarely smooth,or short.

Beware of companies that claim that they can negotiate one-time settlement with all of your creditors. That will dramatically reduce your principal,they say,and your monthly payments will drop like a stone. What these companies promise is a fairy-tale: a beautiful and highly appealing,but impossible dream. It would have been great if it was true,though.

Inform yourself in advance about the fees you are expected to be paying. You shouldn’t be paying any fees until you actually get debt relief.

To qualify for a program,your debt must exceed a certain amount,and you have to prove that you cannot make the minimum payment required. If you pay your monthly installments on time,your creditors may refuse to negotiate any debt settlement with you – why would they?

Enrolling into any debt relief program will therefore force you to default. That certainly comes with its own set of problems! Your credit rating will be damaged,probably severely.

Obviously,if your credit is already damaged,that is one problem you don’t need to worry about. So,should you try to settle your debts this way? The decision is easier to make for those debtors who are only a step away from filing for bankruptcy. No matter how things get desperate financially,take time to find a reputable debt relief company that doesn’t over-charge or over-promise.

Milli Piyango Cekilisi Hakkinda Her Sey

2017 yilina cok az bir zaman kala,yilbasinin vazgecilmezleri arasinda yer alan milli piyango cekilisleri de yavas yavas gündeme gelmeye basladi. Aslinda yil icinde her ay 3 kere düzenlenen bu cekilisler,yilbasinda özel bir anlam kazanarak kimi zaman eglenmek,kimi zaman sans demek icin tercih ediliyor.

Bu yilki milli piyango bilet fiyatlari belirlendi. Tam bilet almak isteyenler 60 lira,yarim bilet almak isteyenler 30 lira,ceyrek bilet almak isteyenler ise 15 lira ödeyerek biletlerini alabilecek.

Milli Piyango Genel İdaresi ise her yil oldugu gibi bu yil da vatandaslari,sahte bilet satislari konusunda uyariyor. Biletinizin seri numarasinin dogrulu,ödemenizi ibraz edebilmeniz icin son derece önemli bir konu ve resmi satis noktalari haricinde hicbir kurum ya da kisiden bilet almamaniz tavsiye ediliyor.

Milli piyango cekilis tarihleri,yilbasi özel cekilisinin haricinde her ayin 9. günü,19. Günü ve 29. Günü yapilacak sekilde belirlenmis durumda.

Bu Yil Yilbasi Milli Piyango Biletleri Ne Zaman Satisa Sunulacak?

Milli piyango yilbasi cekilisi ve diger milli piyango cekilisleri icin hazirlanan biletler,Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Merkez Bankasi tarafindan,banknot matbaasinda özel filigranli kagitlara basilmaktadir. Bu islem sirasinda,sahteligin önüne gecmek icin cesitli özel uygulamalar söz konusu olmaktadir.

Bu yil bilet satislari 29 Kasim 2016 tarihinde baslayacaktir. Tam bilet ve yarim bilet konusunda sansini denemek isteyenlerin hizli bir sekilde online ortamdan ya da milli piyango bilet satisi yapan noktalarindan biletlerini temin edebilmeleri mümkün olacaktir.

Bu Yilki Milli Piyangoda Büyük İkramiye Ne Kadar?

31,12 milli piyango cekilisinde,büyük ikramiye oldukca göz dolduran bir miktar diyebiliriz. Gectigimiz son yila göre katlanarak artan bu miktar bu yil 60 milyon TL degerinde. Büyük ikramiyeyi kazanan sansli kisinin haricinde,10 milyon,5 milyon gibi önemli rakamlarin sahibi olan cekilis adaylari da olacak.

Bu yil 1 adet 10 milyon,1 adet 2milyon,1 adet 5 milyon ve 1 adet 1 milyon TL dagitilacak. Elbette teselli ikramiyesi ve diger ikramiyeler ile birlikte dagitimi yapilacak Milli piyango ödemesi miktari cok daha büyük bir rakami isaret ediyor. Bu yil 348,180,000 TL toplamda dagitilacak milli piyango ödemesi miktari olmakta.

Milli piyango yilbasi cekilisinden ödeme almaya hak kazananlarin en kisa sürede basvuru yaparak ödemelerini almalari oldukca önemli bir nokta. Biletinizle ne kadar kazanmis olursaniz olun,1 yillik zaman zarfindan sonra biletiniz zaman asimina ugradigindan ödemeyi talep etmeniz söz konusu olmayacaktir.

Milli Piyango Cekilis Sonuclari Nasil Ögrenilir?

31,12 milli piyango bilet sonuclarini,cekilik yapildiktan hemen sonra,Milli piyango genel İdaresinin resmi sitesinden ve diger pek cok siteden ögrenebilirsiniz. Milli piyango tam listesi,cekilisten hemen sonra aciklanmaktadir.

Bunun yani sira,milli piyango otomatik sorgulama sistemi ile liste icinde numaranizi aramaya gerek kalmadan bir tik ile biletinizden kazanc saglayip saglamadiginizi da kolayca ögrenebiliyorsunuz.

Sorgulama islemi oldukca basit bir islem. Biletinizin seri numarasini,ekranda karsiniza gelecek sorgulama bosluguna girdikten sonra islemi tamamlayabilirsiniz. Otomatik olarak biletinizin ne durumda oldugunu görebilirsiniz.

Milli Piyango Ödemesi Kimlere Yapilir?

31,12 Milli piyango rakamlarini da cekilisten hemen sonra online ortamdan ögrenebilmeniz mümkün oluyor. Rakamlar ayrica cekilis sirasinda,TV ekranlarinda da yayinlaniyor. Biletinizin ikramiye kazanmasi durumda,ödeme alabilmeniz icin bilet rakamlarinin yipranmamis olmasi,okunabilir durumda olmasi gerekiyor. Herhangi bir sebeple okunamayan rakamlara sahip olan biletlere ödeme yapilmiyor.

otobus saatleri

GetResponse is an email marketing and an online tool/platform for campaign management. It is similar to Aweber in some ways but has it’s own unique set of benefits.

This email marketing platform/app allows businesses and entrepreneurs to build a targeted subscriber list.

With the created mailing list,businesses are able to create and send high-impact newsletters,follow-up campaigns,and video emails. With the autoresponders features,GetResponse enables you to automate your particular emails to subscribers. Moreover,you are also able to view and analyze different statistics such as click through and open rate which is related to an email marketing campaign.

A present,the features of GetResponse have evolved considerably and for that reason,the tool is now an all-in-one marketing solution. Apart from email marketing,this marketing tool also provides some customer relationship management,landing pages,and web hosting functionality.

Pricing Plans of GetResponse
GetResponse has four main types of pricing plans.

These pricing plans are Email,Pro,Max,and Enterprise. The Email,Pro,and Max pricing plans further have several plan types to choose from based on the list size.

These are the pricing for the Email,Pro,and Max packages.
• 1,000 list size: $15/mo.(Email)/ $49(Pro)/ $165(Max)
• 2,500 list size: $25/mo.(Email)/ $49(Pro)/ $165(Max)
• 5,000 list size: $45/mo.(Email)/ $49(Pro)/ $165(Max)
• 10,000 list size: $65/mo.(Email)/ $75(Pro)/ $165(Max)
• 25,000 list size: $145/mo.(Email)/ $165(Pro)/ $255(Max)
• 50,000 list size: $250/mo.(Email)/ $280(Pro)/ $370(Max)
• 100,000 list size: $450/mo.(Email)/ $490(Pro)/ $580(Max)

The Enterprise plan is for users whose email addresses lists exceed 100,000. This package is available from around $1,199/mo.

The exact pricing for this particular plan depends on your particular requirements. If you thinking about choosing the Enterprise plan,you should first book a demo. You will be required to provide different details such as name,email address,and current list size in the online form provided. You will discuss with the GetResponse team your requirements and pricing.

If you pay 12 or 24 months service in advance,then you can save some cash. For 12 months advance service payment,you will be given an 18% discount while for 24 months of advance service payment; you will be given a 30% discount.

The Main Differences Between Plans
The different GetResponse plans cover key features which include:

• The capability to not only import but also grow and host your email database
• Hundreds of email templates that are ready to use
• Responsive email designs
• The autoresponder functionality
• In-depth reporting
• Split testing
• RSS/blog to email functionality
• Comprehensive segmentation options
• Social sharing tools

Other key differences between the different GetResponse plans are:

  1. CRM: This tool is available for only the Pro,Max,and Enterprise plans
  2. Landing Pages: Only the Pro plan and higher provides this feature allowing not only split testing but also unlimited views.
  3. Webinars: The Email plan does not have this functionality and the number of participants in a webinar is limited both for Pro and Max plans at 100 and 500 respectively. The Enterprise plan webinars attendees limit is not clear.
  4. Users: The Email plan allows only a single user account while for Pro,Max and,Enterprise plan you get 3,5,and 10 user accounts respectively.
  5. E-commerce: You can only employ the use of this functionality if you are either on the Pro,Max,or the Enterprise plan.

In conclusion,apart from the GetResponse having a comprehensive list of features,you would expect an email marketing tool/platform to have,you can also benefit from the substantial discount offered for a 1 or 2 years advance payment of service. Moreover,though other competing tools like Mailchimp may offer free accounts for those with a subscribers number that is small,often the range of features available is limited,unlike when on a paid plan.

Another email auto responder to consider which I mentioned briefly at the beginning of this post and that is in direct competition with GetResponse is here Aweber deserves it’s own write up. Whichever software or application you choose,you can be sure that you will have many features to work with. All autoresponders have their own unique benefits so you will have to weigh the pros and cons of each one.

Living with a handicapped or a disabled person takes a toll on the life and the finances of the person. With the sharp escalation of expenses,life becomes a difficult journey. It is because of this reason the amount of debt is increasing day by day as it is taking much of the expenses for the family members to take care of such an unfortunate person.

The US Government understands the problem of these low-income groups and hence it has introduced federal debt relief grants for disabled. These grants are being distributed all across the country through different nonprofit organizations,local and state authorities,church and community agencies.

There are various benefits which government has introduced for the disabled citizens. The eligibility criteria vary from different factors such as date of disability,age of the person and level of income.

Debt settlement is a new method to debt relief for disabled. Under this program,a client can find a midway to come to terms with the creditor by reducing the amount which they owe and extending its timeline to pay off. Some of the benefits that the disabled people can get pertaining to debt relief are:

Lawful protection

In normal circumstances if a person defaults in paying off debts,the creditor can sue the person and get it settled through court. But in case of disabled,a creditor cannot do so. The creditor can still get it settled but cannot garnish it from social security,disability benefits or pensions.

Government grants

There are many government grants pertaining to debt relief for disabled. Under Americans with Disability Act (ADA),candidates with both mental and physical disabilities are included. With Equal Employment Opportunity Commission there is a list of conditions that are applied for different kind of disabilities viz. deafness,blindness,mental retardation,autism,cancer,epilepsy,cerebral palsy,HIV and also schizophrenia.

There are even utility payments for the disabled to pay their regular bills and necessities of life. This way the unfortunate people can meet their daily payments and live a normal life.

There are telecommunications payments for the disabled which help them to maintain a consistent communication with the outer world. Under Communications Act of 1934,all the telecommunication companies ensure equivalent services for consumer with disabilities.

Alongside multiple technical provisions are being given and also protection is being given to those who exercise ADA rights from any kind of coercion and retaliation.

Debt relief grants for disabledare also one of those benefits which are being given to the handicapped and underprivileged mass. There are many local and state authorities which are disbursing payments to the families of these unfortunate people to meet their debts and credit card loans saving them from any kind of legal hassles.

Everybody knows that Chicago itself is a great city for eating and drinking,with plenty of world-class establishments in nearly every neighborhood. But what about Evanston,a sleepy college town just outside of the city,filled with students,temporary housing and other attractions? Turns out they have a good bar scene too – here are some of our favorites.

The Celtic Knot Public House

If you’re Irish and looking for a place to be around your people,or if you just really want a good Irish Bar,hit up the Celtic Knot,situated near campus furnished rentals and other establishments. Pints of beer and broiled seafood make this a “must-see” in Evanston,a few miles north of Downtown Chicago.

Temperance Beer Company

Chances are that you’re not going to find a seat right away at Temperance,but while you wait,you can always play some shuffleboard and have a few beers. The taproom is amazing in the summer due to the patio that residents flock to every year.

Ward Eight

Sometimes you need a quiet cocktail bar to relax or take a date,and that’s where Ward Eight in Evanston comes in. The cozy spot features an amazing group of mixologists and a no-nonsense approach to cocktails.

Ten Mile House

Don’t be fooled by the sports fans and TVs,Ten Mile House isn’t a sports bar – it’s a tavern. That being said,it’s definitely a great place to hangout after a big Northwestern game in Evanston,and their food offerings are a great option when you need to soak up some of the extra booze in your system.

Bangers & Lace

Bangers & Lace opened up their Evanston outpost a few years back after finding a lot of success in Downtown Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood,and the success has only gotten bigger since opening the new location. Featuring a wide assortment of fancy beers and some traditional German food,Bangers & Lace is a great spot for a date or a casual day of drinking.

In order to wire a light switch,you are going to need certain tools. To get started,you will need:

  • a Phillips screwdriver,
  • utility knife,
  • wire strippers and
  • needle nose pliers

Other materials you will need include:

  • a 15 amp light switch,
  • 14/2 electrical wire and
  • wire nuts.

First,you need to strip off the outside sheathing from the 14/2 electrical wire. Measure approximately 6 inches from the end of the wire and take the utility knife and score down the middle of the sheathing. Once this is cut,pull back the sheathing including the brown paper you may find around your ground wire. Cut off the excess sheathing with your utility knife.

You’ll find 3 wires. The black is your “load” wire. The white is your neutral return line. And of course the bare copper wire is your ground wire.

Do the same thing for your other wire

Now,strip the tips off of each wire. Since we are using 14/2 sized electrical wire,find #14 in your wire strippers and clamp down and pull the insulation off the tip of each wire. When stripping wires,plan to leave about ¾” exposed when you are done.

Next,you need to twist the 2 ground wires together along with a third ground wire,this is called pig tailing. Twist them together and then twist on a wire nut to the end. It’s now time to make the loops on the ends of your black wires. Using your needle nose pliers grip the ends of your black wires and turn them 180 degrees to create a nice neat loop. With your loops created,locate your light switch and bring one of the loops to a contact point. Hook it around a screw in a clockwise manner.

Once you are hooked in,grab your Phillips screwdriver and tighten it down. At this point you should make sure that your screw is extremely tight. Any loose connection can lead to an electrical fire. Connect your second black wire to the other contact point in a clockwise manner and tighten that screw down nice and snug. Double check to be sure you have tight connections when you are finished.

You have one last connection to make. Pick up your bare copper ground wire and use your needle nose pliers to make a loop at the end of the wire. Hook this loop around the green ground screw on the light switch in a clockwise manner. And,use your Phillips screw driver to tighten down on the loop. Remember,it is important to check and be sure you have a tight connection.

You should now have a completed light switch. If you need any help with electrical upgrades in your home,be sure to call on a licensed electricianlike click here to readto take care of it for you.

Hiring personal protection team is a considerable step that is,sometimes,required. Yet while a majority of personal safety and security companies do all they can to make sure that the hiring process is as comfortable as feasible,there’s still a couple of things that you need to think about to guarantee that the people you hire supply you with the protection solutions that you want.

Here are some ideas on points to think about when hiring individual protection personnel.

Personal Protection Options

It is essential to makecertain that you recognize every one of the available choices when it involves the sort of individual safety and security you want. Hiring a security guard implies that you’ll need to pick between unarmed or armed guards and you will need to discuss why you need their services.

When browsing for individual safety and security specialists,it is critical that you be clear with the individual security companies you approach to make sure that they comprehend your needs,that makes it easier for them to suggest individual safety and security services that suit your requirements.

Look for Qualifications

A trustworthy individual protection firm will voluntarily supply you with its guard’s credentials,frequently prior to youhave actually even asked.

Nevertheless,if they do not,remember to inquire for documentation that reveals the background check release and experience of the particular protection information they will certainly appoint to you. Likewise,if you want a individual safety and security information due to the fact that of specific worries,it would be sensible to ask the protection firm to show you the training accreditations that the individual security guards being designated to you have. You do not want individuals who are not qualified or are inexperienced securing you.

Inspect Skills

Do not just believe what a security firm tells you concerning its guards’ skillsets. Depending upon why you require a guard,and considering your social condition,it is vital that the people you have safeguarding you not only know exactly how to keep you safe but also have the rules and appropriate mannerisms that will reflect well on you. Consider asking for instances of exactly how they’ve actually performed before.

Several of the qualities you may want to check for include:-

– Working in advance to get ready for occasion and journeys ahead of time

– Understanding exactly how to stand,stroll and rest with you without being obvious

– An capability to manage a safety hazard or assault whenever there’s one

– Weapon handling abilities and also other defensive strategies

– Protective driving abilities

– Understanding of physical safety and security and gain access to control systems

– Computer system abilities

Personal Rapport

It is critical that you work with the people that you rely on– after all they will certainly be responsible for keeping you safe and secure and will certainly be spending a significant amount of time around you. Thinking about that they’ll most likely see a very personal side of you,it is vital that they be people who you can trust in. You do not need to be best friends,but there needs to be a connection between the 2 of you.

When working with individual protection staff,making sure that they are proficient experts is essential,but remember the vibes you get from {each person. It’s best that you work with individuals who rest right with your individual energy since you’re entering a relationship with people who you’ll be entrusting your life to. Be careful.

If you would like to know more about the matter of personal security matters please see

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